Monday, November 29, 2010

One if by land....

With the onset of daylight savings its been tough to get day rides in during the week.

Intersection at Berry Patch and Rays 11pm.
Grippis Rocks

Although some days are much nicer than others. This was yesterday morning at the vista on the Allegrippis Trails. After hitting the trails I wanted to check out the lake as it looked pretty much devoid of all motorized traffic, which makes for some rather surreal moments. Heres one.

I saw only three other boats on the lake....all of which where motorized and chock full of overweight hunters pursuing game by boat. Interesting manor in which to hunt, didn't seem to prove to fruitful as several hours they where returning with no beer and no deer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

trail gnomes and fall games

This is the ode' to the leafblower.
So we get crazy looks when out on the trails with blowers, but honestly it makes the work in the spring that much easier. And with limited volunteers to call upon, spreading the workload out is a easy way to make it much more manageable.
This is why the trails look the way they do. Yeah some might say its over the top even unnecessary. And well for the most part I agree...however I think the trails ride that much better when they are clean and clear. Take a look and you be the judge.

The STHL 550 and a gallon of mixed gas will run for approximately 5.5hrs and clean 3.0 miles of trail. At that rate it really isn't that bad to clean and clear the trails.

Before Blowing

After Blowing and Cleaning

Recent Eagle Scout Corey McKay on a bench installation workday. We had 10 volunteers come out and install the benches on the Fawn Trail and the Berry Patch Trail.
Recent rock work that increased the width of the armoring at the bottom of Sidewinder trail.
It takes a mighty fleet of tools to keep the trails clean and clear, to the level they are currently maintained. With donations from riders, area businesses, and the Friends of Raystown Lake, our small club is able to maintain 32 miles of fresh-cut trail.
But I guess its all still worth it.