Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RMBA Monthly Meeting- 3/2/10

March Monthly Meeting: March 2 2010.

Tis the season for snow.....

...so come talk about the warmer months with us...

We Have Monthly Meetings at Rothrock Outfitters 418 Penn St. in Huntingdon.
They Start at 5:00pm and are open to anyone.
If you want to become a member and support the trails we greatly appreciate it.
Just want to find out more about the trails and whats going on....just stop in.

Meetings Generally last an hour and are a loose format with plenty of time for discussion.

If you care to bring a beverage to share please do.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Allegrippis Updates:

1. Today we recieved 14" of snow and the weather shouldn't be above 30 for the next 4 days here.

2. DirtFest Registration opened Feb 1st and the event website can be reached at www.dirtragdirtfest.com.

3. We are looking to schedule two workdays in March so if you can come out and work for a few hours (probably one on a sat and one sun.)