Sunday, October 17, 2010

raystown epic

So, finally its a weekend day, when there isn't a river shuttle thats needs to be run, a work-weekend to attend to, custom bike build to wrap up, or blowdown on Eagle Trail that must absolutely be cleared! And all the races are over and festivals dont happen on Sunday's.

Having recently built up a new el-mari with some of them fancy suspension forks, and some other more fresh parts, I needed to find some trails that justified such a plush ride. After not getting out on the bike for a few days, it was time to get some mileage in.

I had talked to the Corps, some time ago about the standing of the, 30 mile long Terrace Mtn Trail, as to whether or not bikes could or should be ridden on it. The very basic maps, that I was able to turn up had indications that it might be a good trail. But then why does no one ever ride or walk on it? I needed to find out.

If you aren't familiar with the terrace mountain, its on the "other side" of the lake. The one where there is practically nothing till you the resort, directly across from the Allegrippis Trails and Seven Points. The trail apparently starts at Saxton and runs all the way to just outside Huntingdon, on Corbins Road, roughly 30 miles. On a map it looks like the perfect point to point ride.

And so I devised the raystown epic:
From Huntingdon,
Corbins Road to the Terrace Mountain Trail
Terrace Mountain Trail- Trough Creek
Terrace Mountain Trail-Tatmun Run and 994 Bridge
Cross over the lake, right on James Creek Road.
Left on Fouses Crossing
Right onto Rt. 26
Rt. 26 make a right onto States Road
States-Seven Points Road Right- up the big hill.
Left at the top onto Bakers Hollow Road.
Ride the Trail System Perimeter Loop followed by south end. Exit the trails onto 7 Pts Road. Ride Piney Ride Back to H-City! If you choose to do was painful.

I left this morning around 10:00am with some energy stuff and light maintenance kit and a camera. So, here is what I found on my attempt at the Raystown Epic.

This is starting up the Corbins Road climb which is about 2.8 miles with grades of 10%

Back Down Terrace Mountain only to go back up and over about four times. I honestly believed for a brief second that when I got to the trailhead it was going to be a easy day of riding. Later on that proved not to be the case. As I was greeted with a nice pastoral setting with a clean trail running through it.
It was smooth riding and almost to open for the first mile and a half. Than the trail goes between old logging roads straight to crazy off-camber goat trails. That traverse the mountainside. Some so steep and off camber they are simply unrideable. Lots of good hike-a-bike practice.
After a good while the blowdowns started becoming to thick to bother riding. However because the trail uses log roads it did make for some fun log rides like this one.

Thats Susquehannock down there!
Plenty of rock.
This made the ride worth it. Halfway up old Finks Road.
I finished out in Trough Creek, and proceeded to ride out to the resort and across the Entrinken Bridge.... perfect colors, not so perfect strong wind.

Bear Trap? Thats Crazy! No Fred you go in the tube.

Crazy view with awesome sky coming towards Hesston.
Than Back to the Allegrippis for a quick dose of flow. Before heading all the way back to Huntingdon. I made it back to Huntingdon, around 5:30pm.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Archery Season and Dry Trails

Archery Season Starts Tomorrow October 2nd 2010. If you are in the woods please wear bright orange! (if nothing else bright colors)

It is not unsafe to be in the woods if you are wearing the proper colors. And realistically its you'd hope they could tell the difference between a rider and a deer.

The trails and our area recieved the heavy soaking rains that everywhere else on the East Coast did. So, yes the trails dry really quick and drain tremedously well, but still we ask that even if there is a muddy section ride through it not around it. This creates a larger trail and ultimately more work down the line. Thanks for following the lines.

Otherwise I'd say that by noon today they would be fine to ride...just leaf littered and debris filled. With high winds.