Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boxers Sixty

Most recent ride has been the aptly named boxers 60

Starting at Boxers Cafe' (410 Penn Street) with the finest of Ales, proceed out the door to the closest bike rack. After grabbing said bike, ride off down 4th Street crossing over the mighty Juniata River.

Making a right at the intersection with Rt 22. Followed by a quick left on "fast food alley" (Crooked Creek Road just after Burger King.) Than after a quick 1/2 mile stretch of road, a left at the "T" with Piney Ridge Road.

Climb the winding mile and a half to the top of the ridge. For the next several miles winding out to the lake on an endless vista. At the next "T" (9 miles out ) go left onto Seven Points Road, for another mile long climb to the top of the Allegrippis Ridge, or entrance to Seven Points Recreation Area.

Go left onto Bakers Hollow Road at the top of the hill. After climbing for another 1/4 mile, begin the descent when the turn gets tight turn right! This will take you on an unmarked grassy/ gravelly access road go into the woods, cross the wooden gate and jump onto the Stoney Trail.

Ride Stoney to the Bakers Hollow Lot and begin riding the trail system. Be sure to hit most of the trails.....generally doing a giant clockwise exterior loop followed by an interior loop. Back down Stoney....riding the south end trails in a figure eight. Back to Seven Points Road.....climb to the top enjoy a downhill, uphill, and than make a right back onto Piney Ridge Road. Crawl back to Boxers and enjoy a fine brew.

If you hit most of the trails as listed......
In all its about 35 miles of trail and 26 of road. So 60 miles. Don't break it down, don't bring a GPS, don't complain, and don't order a Budweiser.

www.boxerscafe.com - 410 Penn Street.