Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mushrooms Everywhere

Crazy Mushrooms forming all around the trails... Guessing its the hot damp weather that we've seen recently.

I was out late the other night scouting out some upcoming service projects for several larger groups that we have coming to the trail system for trail work days. As I was cruising through the woods from trail to trail with the Dinah dog, I started noticing a plethora of crazy colored mushrooms. As I am no mycologist, I simply snapped some shots and hope to get some information one the different fungi.

Monday, August 22, 2011

inbound outbound.

Trail work is great.... and sometimes better with help. Today Juniata College "inbound" freshman visited the trails to work and ride. We met up early and did some cleaning and clearing on the the Buck and Fawn Trails. The 12 volunteers that made up the group put out a tremendous effort to remove debris and dirt from the drains in many of the grade reversals.

Interested in trailwork opportunities for your organization or upcoming community service needs. Contact Me-