Thursday, October 20, 2011

daily wanderings

The last several weeks have been filled with to much trail work, to much rain, and not enough trail riding. After getting pissed off at the Pa One Call Guys and fed up with the BS of the contracting world I decided to get some pictures of what had been completed in the short span of several weeks.
One of the several culverts along the new, yet to be named connector trail. This is at the powerline cut, which despite having to call the PA One Call number and have 9 different companies approve the scrapping of topsoil, turned out to be a pull-line: meaning it is empty and designed for future use. Pa One Call is the service you have to call if excavating, in at any depth.
This is a portion of roughed in trail approximately 1/4 mile from the visitors center. As you can see the flow of the Allegrippis has been preserved in this new trail.
As I stated earlier the rain and work never seemed to end. This is a section of "traditionally" well draining soil along this new trail. (This was for research purposes only and the new trail is not open to the public.) In an effort to minimize our impact on the new bit of trail Jake and I took to the water.

The Salsa Mukluk as I have said before, consistently amazes me in terms of both its capability and personality. In this particular case it really shined when a small stream had formed a steep rock walled gorge that had some awesome water from the recent storm event.
Jake in crusing a slide at the top of the stream. Photos never do justice so let me just say it's super slick.
This is just after I came through the gorge and happened upon a ragin' hole. Just out of the photo is the next picture.

The large pool of water that was way cold but def. rideable. Just out of view is the water fall that created this large pool. Seen in the picture below.
Getting ready to drop the falls pretty wild the first time through. Any way we wrapped up about two miles down stream at the lake. My battery died and well that was it for pictures that day.
Pedal America TV came to visit the trails this past week bringing with them a seven person crew and cast. Many cameras, laughs, and horrible lines. Be sure to catch the episode when it airs on PBS and several other stations in the spring.

Camera, sound, white balance, and lines all in tact up at the Dam overlook.
On the berm headed down Dark Hollow there was a three person crew taking pictures and video with cameras that cost more than my truck.

At the Sleek Dog crossing on Susquehannock Road, RMBA club member Charlie Hoover and Pedal America host Ira Levy ride up the road to the crossing for some good conversation.

Some times you just need to have some fun.