Tuesday, January 24, 2012

  • frozenfat delivered
    Frozenfat was our first go at a winter event. 
    Turned out to be a pretty good time. With around 25 riders representing five states showing up over the course of the weekend for the fatbike fun. Despite the long road to hosting the event with DCNR permits and other fancy forms of approval, the weekend flew by. 

    Friday night was the informal start of the saga with beers and several locals meeting up at the now infamous McMurtries Bar. Only to be followed by a raging fire with a fat bike fire ride. Yes over the 4x8' burning sheet of plywood. Fortunately, everyone rode away unscathed by the flames. Leaving only several holes in Jeffs new down jacket. John G. showed up early to get a in a full weekend of centralPa fun. 

    Despite the night time low of 8 degrees, Ellis was lacing up the fat front to his K Monkey around 1:30am Friday night.

    The Saturday am ride departed shortly after 10am with some 15 riders and 10 additional folks making up the support.  As was promised we began to have "much fun," right off the bat with some shale pit point and shoot. To fun watching riders come screaming down stuff like this. 
    Cold temps left downtubes coveedr in a thick ice coat and bottles frozen solid. John's Salsa Mukluk. 
    Bikes scattered across the trail at the top of the mountain waiting to be ridden back down. You'll notice Justin's fancy Surly Pugsley with a ultra fancy Shimano Alfine 8 IGH. Plenty of both QBP brands represented at this east coast gathering. No surprise with the recent availability of Fatback and 9:0:7 being so limited. 
    lots of winter fat. not a bad reason to spend the day outside with 20 of your closest fat friends. Yes the bike on the far right is a half and half with a fat front end and skinny rear. Funky but functional. Oh yes and it has a Hope rear hub that happened to hold up for the whole weekend. The Acera rear derailleur was not so fortunate. 

    Part Two to Follow Shortly---->