Thursday, November 29, 2012

November News

It is hard to believe it's already deer season and we are again closing the trails to users in hopes to "protect the integrity of the hunt," as part of a cooperative effort to encourage the multiple uses for public land. For two weeks every year the Allegrippis Trails System and much of the rest of Central Pa's woods close down to all other users and opens to deer season.

That said it has been a very busy year on the trails and prehap's it's best to give them and those that maintain them a well deserved break. With visitation reports topping out at a little over 6000 users to the Baker Hollow Parking Lot alone, the trails have seen an amazing amount of use. With the opening of the new VeeCee trail we have seen the south end develop tremendously as users ride these trails more than ever. The lines are starting to develop on even the furthest reaches of Allegheny suggesting more users are finally making it out to this, fairly unique for the system, trail.

With increased use comes the potential for increased injuries, fortunately the signage for the system has finally been completed to the point where it corresponds exactly with the Emergency Response Maps that we created over two years ago. This mapping/ signage system provides trail-users with a two letter site designation at all major intersections and road crossings, that makes accident sites a bit more easy to locate for responders. Another long project finally finished.

Other projects on the trail system have included the mapping and first phases of construction on the new connector (Ridge Spur-dotted line) from the entrance of Ridge Campground to the VeeCee Trail. This will allow users to connect up with the new rubberized walking trail that will ultimately follow a similar loop to Seven Points Road. Connecting the campgrounds, beach, visitors center, marina, and boat launch to each other. The trail is set to be completed for the early spring of 2013. This will be a tremendous addition to the facility and one that is long over due.

A smaller yet probably more apparent project was the completion of the new fencing around the Bakers Hollow Parking lot. The fencing that was originally installed was regular split rail and was only buried to a depth of about a foot. The new fencing is 6x6 timbers buried two feet a much more sturdy solution, now you might ding your bumper instead of just plowing the fence down.

The trails will re-open in just over a week just in time for a little bit of fat bike fun. As I am throughly convinced there is no better way to enjoy the wintertime on the trails than on a fatbike. Interested in trying one out? Stop by the shop.  
Jake and Ellis Preppin some fat tired bicycles last winter.