Monday, April 1, 2013

where were you this winter?

The winter has been a cold one. Perhaps to cold for some.

We've spent our time out riding in the Raystown region despite the inclement weather. Our plethora of snowmobile trails, lake ice, and heavily forested parks offers endless possibilities.

 Free Skiing in Petersburg
 Snowmobile Trails in Barree
 Just off of Snyders Run Boat Launch
 Heading into a cold inlet by the Raystown Dam
Cold wet rain at Raystown
 Out on the lake 
 High above Tyrone
 Petersburg Area 
 Tube O War!
 Frozen Fat 2013 at the Vista
 form and fashion 
 Hanging out at the Sidewinder Bridge on Allegrippis
 Everyone looks better in a dress
 en route 
 gettin rad in Rothrock
foggy wet snowy icey ride in Coopers Gap

 Free-riding fat down a stream above Tyrone

 Less Ice on Raystown 
 More Ice on Raystown
 Crazy Morning on Raystown

 Trough Creek Winter Run

Sell your rollers, get rid of the trainer, stop dieting, and just get outside.