Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DirtFest Is Coming

Theres been alot of discussion about Dirtfest and registration and who and for what....well check yer mailbox Feb 1st if you are DirtRag subcriber....if not just wait till the forums load up with all sorts of good tid bits about whats happening.

Just so you dont go scheduling a event during this one (all you event schedulin' types) May 21st-23rd.

Here's a teaser from last year for all the goons who missed it....

For those who made it last year, alot is different.
1. Less Political Stuff
2. More Riders
3. Primitive Camping at the Trails!!!
4. DirtRag Events throughout the course of the weekend

Other Stuff:
Live Music- PA Beer Tasting- DirtRag Festivites- IMBA Clinics and TCC- Hubcap Cycles Bike Raffle- Primitive Camping- Bourbon Drinking-

Thats all for now....Just like Ralphy found out "Read More more chocolate ovaltine."

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