Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th Trail News

The trails are finally 100% clear of the snow, and have been drying out from the 3" of rain we recieved of the weekend.

We were able to ride the following with reports following each trail name

Easy Loop
Buck Trail- Leafy no blowdowns
Doe Trail- Leafy no blowdowns
Fawn Trail- Not in great shape but totally rideable leaves in the grade reversals

Osprey- Great Shape just watch the briars at the top of the trail
Hydro Loop- Do not ride it! There is lots of pine trees leaning across the trail

Eagle- Several Wet Spots and two small blowdowns
Switch- Leafy in the turns
Sleek Dog- Several small blowdowns might even be a big one in there somewhere

Alle-grippis-ridge- Watch the leaves as they get deep, also some vines and I think two blowdowns.
Berry Patch- Horrible Shape numerous blowdowns and vines....rideable

I hope to get some of this addressed for the weekend....if you are around give me an email or call.

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