Saturday, June 5, 2010

dirtFest hangover and trail gripes!

Sorry for the lack of posts or trail updates.

dirtFest was one hell of a time and its taken a while to get back to my semi-normal exsistence. Anyway now that the hoopla is over and the people and press gone. With 1100 people stopping out and exhibitors from as far as Florida and Arizona we had a huge turn-out. Be sure to check out the Dirtrag Mag write-up. Or the video of the EarthTones jammin in the BigTop......if you didn't come this year, sorry you missed such a good time.

Anyway its time for summer, so here is my rant:

The trails are flowing with riders from across the nation, as I have bumped into folks from Maryland, Georgia, Cali, and most recently Colorado. The reviews keep coming back way positive about our level of maintenance and quality of trail. So heres my advice to the complainers....If you don't like super flowly, fast, groomed single-track don't come. As if you come expecting techincal rocky stereotypical central Pa legacy trails and came to the wrong place.

For everyone who has already ridden the trails, and loved it. Thanks for coming be sure to stop back as the trails continue to develop. Or stop by rothrock outfitters and catch us in person.



xjoex said...

Forget the haters Evan, these are the best trails this side of the rockies!

dirt myth said...

Been riding east of the Mississippi for three months and these are the best single tracks I have had the joy of far! Great design and amazing maintenance by the locals! Thanks to all that got these made and keep em' going.


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