Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dirtfest a success

Thats right nearly 1200 people showed up for three days of camping, riding, beer, and fun!

Complete with an epic, bike rodeo, womens ride series, beer school, pa tourism rally, and great live music, everyone was sure to have a good time. As the weather finally cleared late Friday morning the campers began to arrive in force. With bike strapped every which way on roofs and trunks the event began to really shape up....


Scot said...

Great time had by all. Thanks much to the RMBA crew for the continued work, both trail and fest. Hope you guys enjoyed the party...much deserved.

Bole's Blog said...

Wow what a great event and super trails. Thanks to everyone! Here's a video I did of DirtFest. Feel free to use it!

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