Friday, July 8, 2011

boulder fields and big moth

Been a good week for riding with cooler evening and night time temps hitting as low as 60.
As the Allegrippis tends to get pretty busy on the weekends I've been trekking around the area in search of fresh trail. As it should happen found some great snowmobile trails and singletrack on my last ride, which yielded some pretty wild terrain with massive boulders and spires in excess of 40 ft sticking through the woods.
The Salsa Fargo has been my bike of choice for getting lost afterwork and even on some great camping trips. Now with just under 1000 miles on the bike, its time to nitpick. The fit of the bike and rake on the fork has been improved over last years model, however many of the parts on the complete have seem to taken a quick beating.
-The Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost, is a great piece of equipment on this beast softening the blow of harsh ruts and water-bars on gravel roads. However, it lacks durability as it seems to be always rattling. The bushings are indeed replaceable but with the intended use of post and bike seems like they are lacking.
-The lack of barrel adjusters or inline adjusters on the shifters seems a bit odd as 10-spd has a tendency to be slightly more finicky with reduced spacing in the cassette; it'd be nice is all I'm saying.
-The WTB saddle has already begun to hammock quite severly an issue that I've had before with WTB's Lazer V and Speed. Despite the hammock it is still rather comfortable, although I'll be switching to the tried and true WTB Devo, as it does not seem to hammock nearly as quickly.
-The rims on the stock bike de-tensioned very quickly, prior to loaded camping or heavy use. After re-tensioning the wheels they have held relatively true. For the money they are decent.
-Last is more of a recc'd upgrade which would be the hubs.....engagement is severely lacking and when pickin' through the rocky stuff they just could be a little more precise.

As a whole the bike is a great value for the $1625 asking price and if you haven't jumped on one yet be sure to throw a leg over next time you stop by the shop.

I'm no photographer but the moths have been out and I finally found one hanging out.

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